Statement Sofa: Some tips on Sofas

Colored sofas are great conversation starters, and beautiful to boot. A bold colored piece like this deserves to bask in the attention. Here are some tips you can follow to create a design featuring a focal sofa. Highlight the unique hue by surrounding it with neutral neighbors. Utilize hardwood flooring and some wooden accent chairs with a strong visible grain for interest.

Then add a coffee table in that same wood. The walls will be the biggest competition visually, simply because of their size. Counter this by selecting a pale color for paint, or a wallpaper with a simple pattern, not too busy. A light sage green or gray paint would be great.

Another option is horizontal wooden planks, painted or stained in a corresponding color. If you’re lucky enough to have exposed brick walls in your place, utilize their natural character, don’t try to cover them up. Also consider adorning a statement sofa with contrasting accents. For example, add some sophisticated navy pillows or drape a blue throw blanket on an orange model.

On the other hand, your style preference may veer more towards subtlety. In this case, mimic the sofa color within other pieces to harmonize the space and minimize the chance of overpowering. Matching artwork, lamp shades or fresh flowers are great mediums for this.

Also consider mimicking the sofa’s color in the patterns of other furniture pieces or decorative items like vases and ottomans. Fortunately, there are lots of options for table and floor lamps, pendants, or chandeliers in fun colors that can help with this as well. An interesting way to echo the statement color would be a ceiling covering consisting of custom-colored tiles or painted beams.

Whether you choose to give your colored sofa a paramount role, or balance the entire room with similar boldness, these tips should help you achieve a harmonious design with one of our bold sofas. Luckily, this advice also applies to any statement piece of furniture in any exciting color or shape!

The article is prepared by Hay Online Shop.