Skype used by the NSA to spy on you with PRISM

The latest PRISM release shows how the NSA has developed a new plugin which is able to decrypt and use the Skype communication. The victims of this new PRISM plugin would have their unique data comprimized.

The PRISM Skype plugin is capable of obtaining the following data from the Skype users:

  • Buddy list
  • Credit card info
  • Call data records
  • User account info
  • And other materials…

This information has been leaked by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. The information was made public by Glen Greenwald.

Skype PRISM plugin updated with new functions

If we perform a quick search on Google we will be able to see that Microsoft has been handing information to the NSA for years. There is even a voluntary participation post on the Skype communication which invites you to take part in the PRISM program.

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