[SHOCKING] Miss Teen USA her webcam has been hacked

It is the nightmare of each parent. A cybercriminal has found a way to hack the Miss Teen USA candidate, the hacker achieved to install a virus which allowed him to take full control over the infected computer. The teenager did not know what happened to her.

The hacker had installed a virus which allowed him to start the webcam of the Miss Teen USA candidate, Cassidy Wolf.

The hacker made various video records of the Miss Teen USA candidate.

This hacker was able to capture various footage, like while she was changing her clothes and while she was getting ready to sleep.

Cybercriminals will try various methods to infect unaware people, in this case it was the Miss Teen USA candidate which got infected, but this is just a single case. Hackers are launching campaigns which hunt for unaware users. Once they find their possible victims, they will spam them with malicious links and malicious programs. In the following video you will be able to see how another teen girl was being spied on by a hacker.

It is important to stay aware of these threats. We have made a massive list of 100 security tips which you can download and use for free. This massive list of Facebook malware will show you the various schemes which are being used by cybercriminals to infect unaware people. Did you know that hackers are also able to spy on you by using your smart TV? Remember, that everything is hackable.

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