Security Experts be warned, Youtube will delete your videos

Security Experts are sharing various educational hacking videos on YT. Some of them have +100 videos. Last week, we noticed, that our CyberwarzoneVids account has been banned by Youtube. The reason behind this would be that we would be something against the policy of YT.

Well, what did we upload? We uploaded various videos of the hacker Edward Snowden, we uploaded Cyberwarfare and Cyberconflict documentaries and we uploaded videos which provided insight on the latest click-farming schemes on social media networks.


The IronGeek security expert ‘Adrian Crenshaw’ published various educational hacking videos on his YT account. YT banned his account without a pardon.


We wonder

Are there more security experts which have lost their YT access after they would have ‘violated’ the YT policy? Let us know and we will list you in the list.

Banned accounts

  • Cyberwarzone videos
  • Irongeek videos


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