Safari Browser Alternatives to Fast Browsing On Your Device!!

Safari is the native web browser for MAC and iOS devices, this browser has some extra ordinary features as it is built by the apple itself. You will have all the bookmarks, history and auto fill connected to all your devices where you use the safari browser, and the browser is available for windows and Linux operating systems too.

Safari browser has some unique features which other browsers doesn’t have like the in built dictionary, notes and high lights and some other features, but still people look for alternatives, because other provide some feature that they require badly and there are a lot of reasons to switch form safari to other web browsers, in this post I will list of top 5 alternatives of the safari browsers, which works great.

Top 5 Safari Alternatives:

Google Chrome

There is sort of introduction required for google chrome, everyone of us has used it at least once in your online world, this is the first user friendly web browser after internet explorer, but it had some cool features and some unique features which at that time, no other browser could adapt on. Google chrome is available in Linux, MAC, windows, android, iOS, and every popular operating system you could think on.

UC Browser

This browser also has a lot of users because it provides an in built VPN feature using which we can browse the blocked website in your country or by your internet service provider. Does UC browser for pc windows 10 available? It is also available Windows and Mac And it also all other feature that a browser should have so it is used by a lot of people, and you can use the VPN for unlimited number of times and it is completely free, and the browser too.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a great web browser, it’s recent release the Firefox quantum is thousand times faster that the Mozilla Firefox, and from the users review, it is very faster and smooth than the google chrome, and it consume only 40% of the RAM memory consumed by the RAM eater Google Chrome. Therefore, slowly everyone are adopting to this browser form all other browser, and it clearly has the potential to take over all the web browsers, but it now supported in MAC, Linux and windows only.

Opera Mini

The name of the browser is Opera and the developers have named it Opera Mini in all their sites for some reasons, this is also a cool web browser with some great features and the user interface and the user experience of this browser is awesome. This browser is used by many people for a variety of reasons and it is pretty fast too. The browser is very similar to Mozilla Firefox but the code is to build is some thing which makes it very fast and responsive.

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