The police is looking for two men who tried to hack ATMs

The Dutch police is looking for two men who tried to hack this and last month’s ATMs in Made and Breda. The police showed that tonight during a broadcast of Bureau Brabant, the regional investigation program.

The men tried to get physical access to the ATM via a drilling machine, but because of the good security, the police said the criminals were not able to gain physical access. They probably wanted to take over the ATM’s operating system through physical access to allow the device to dispense all the cash in the cash registers.

The attempt in Made took place on April 13th. Eight days later, probably the same men tried it again, only this time in Breda. Again the men drilled two holes in the vending machine and again the attempt failed.

Images of the men are now made public. Europol recently announced that this year and last year, 27 people were arrested for hacking at ATMs across Europe, including two in the Netherlands.

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