If your parents would know this, they would DESTROY your computer!

Elders, parents, brothers and sisters are always on the look out. Just imagine, if they would know what happends on your computer. We all download videos, music, games and we all watch all type of media on the internet. Now ask yourself, what have you watched the last week? Would you watch it again? Was it something positive? – hold that thought.

Now imagine if you would play back all the media you have watched on your television, while you are hanging out with your “Parents” or anyone which has been mentioned before. Would you still watch the same media? I would certainly not.

During my time on the internet, I get a lot of shocking resources – like the James Foley beheading, or ISIS battles. But it does not just stick to terrorism, while I am on the internet, I am lured to “bullshit” websites, which provide zero information. This can be anything!

Take a look at the video below, and tell me – how would your environment react to your “media”.