Australian Government complicit in U.S & Israeli War crimes – Anonymous

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The video which is titled “Australian Government complicit in U.S & Israeli War crimes – Anonymous” is a direct message to all the Anonymous hacktivists and governments.

Anonymous claims that the Australian government is complicit in the United States and Isreali war crimes.

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greetings citizens of the world we are anonymous, and today we would like to discuss the issue up to corporations who profit from the war industry including the current genocide of the Palestinian people these war profiteering corporations cubic Corporation Limited and Rafael advanced defense systems have direct involvement with Western governments including the US UK and Australia through defense contracts civil contracts and governmental lobbying this combined with an israeli biased within Australian parliaments in regards to the israeli Palestinian conflict causes the Australian Government to be complicity in Israeli war crimes and the profiting made since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to intensify israel’s attacks on Gaza while at the same time formally thanking US President Obama for all his ongoing supportive Israel¬†you’d say to your leader a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do in its¬†countries gotta do¬†while the country’s gotta do we have to defend ourselves we try to do¬†with the minimum amado force¬†or with targeting serve with him military

targets as the the 27th July 2014 over six hundred Palestinian people have been killed by drone and rocket attacks more than eighty percent of which with civilians former CIA officer doctor charles cogan told Russia Today that there is not going to be peace as long as Benjamin Netanyahu is the prime minister of israel in his own defense netanyahu has claimed the palestinians a given warnings before any bombs are fired into Gaza
evacuation warnings have varied anywhere from 10 minutes¬†23 minutes and sometimes not at all in any case there is almost no wear for got sons to escape except into international waters it’s like shooting fish in a barrel it on ya who also claimed that Israeli Defense Forces have been exclusively targeting Hamas militants almost all love the targets israel has hit in gaza such as hospitals and schools have been accommodating civilians the world is aware of the magnitude of israel’s arms infantry including nuclear bombs and advanced air defense system known as the eye and Omer as well as prohibited cancer and using white phosphorous weapons
Israel’s Iron Dome is the creation of state-owned Rafael advanced defense systems limited Rafael develops and manufactures advanced defense systems for the israeli defense Rafael started developing advanced weapons systems for all the branches have the IDF these systems are based on vast expertise technological know-how and a thorough understanding of the idea of specific operational requirements leading aerospace and defense companies agreements of set activities and industrial cooperation have been organized with over 20 countries worldwide that both prime contractor and subcontractor level with the last decade seeing international business activities steadily expand across the globe big corporation wanna Rafael’s partnering companies who work with the Israeli Defense Force is a United States run cooperation cubic is a diversified systems and services company in transportation and defense markets worldwide they are a multi-billion dollar corporation that have been known to donate financial contributions to the republican party in the United States
cubix defense businesses provide comprehensive Mission Support Services and training systems that strengthen the ready missive national militaries and security forces they pride themselves in being the world’s leading developers have cutting-edge military weaponry¬†surveillance technology and creating strategical advantage is on the battlefield both cubic corporation and Rafael work under contracts with the Israeli Defense Forces
the Australian Defence Forces the US military and the UK military and profit from the destruction that is happening in Gaza, iraq Afghanistan North Africa and other places a conflict around the world.
For example Rafael and cubic will both principal contractors have Israel Defense Forces national urban training center in ballet de a city the center is a 7.4 square mile generic city which consists of 1,100 basic modules that can be reconfigured by mission planners to represent specific towns allowing troops to train in theaters representing specific areas of gaza the West Bank Lebanon and Syria cubic corporation and Rafael advanced defense systems are both war profiteering corporations whose business is dependent upon a thriving war economy on increasing number of government contracts and continuously expanding government military budgets.
Good morning my name is Brett Feldman I’m president of cubic defense applications the business you dad at cubic that’s associated with the fence systems i wanna talk to you more specifically about sequestration this morning make no bones about it she question racin is a threat to our national security it’ll have dramatic impact on our company I do hope that the country comes together and deals with sequestration in this smart fashion I do agree that there need to be some cuts in the defense department but we should not take a meat cleaver I thank you very much for listening to me this morning on this critical issue that’s critical to myself
part company in our nation according to global market research Australian defense expenditure increased at a compound annual growth rate of 6.03 percent during 2007 to 2012 it values 26 point three billion dollars
military modernization counterterrorism activities¬†and participation in peacekeeping missions are the major drivers have the¬†Australian Defence Industrywhile germany has historically the leading supplier of arms to Australia¬†since 2007 the dynamics of the market have changed significantly with the US¬†taking the lead¬†this trend has been facilitated by the close military relationship Australia¬†shares with the US¬†which will also offer the US and its corporations¬†an advantage over other supplying countries till 2018¬†even within Australian parliaments politicians who speak out against¬†Israeli war crimes¬†are at times ostracized and accused of being anti-semitic¬†one example if this was seen is where within the New South Wales Parliament in¬†2013 when the Honorable shook it Moselle main provided details regarding¬†Israel’s offensive in lebanon and is known israeli war crimes against the¬†Palestinian people¬†Moselle main was constantly interrupted and ostracized by two parliamentarians¬†the honorable Matthew Ryan make some cocks¬†of the LNP who suggested Moselle main was merely having a little rant about¬†personal issues and then referred to Moselle maynes contribution¬†as garbage the honorable Matthew Ryan makes Inc oxo the LNP¬†was also part of the New South Wales parliamentary Friends of Israel¬†the second parliamentarian the honorable wall to SEK court¬†a Labour Party member and NSW parliamentary Friends of Israel deputy¬†chair refer to Moselle maynes detail in the facts regarding Israeli war crimes is¬†simply an anti-israel rant.

The Australian Federal Government and the Israeli military participate in military cooperation and military trade with each other while continuing to develop close ties within Australia both corporations have involvement in many government tenders at both the federal and state level the proportion of these contracts deriving from the transportation industry and Defence Force Rafael is a participant with an Australian

Government tenders and provide systems and equipment utilized by the Australian Defence Forces such as Popeye missiles typhoon MK 25 stabilized weapon system in Dallas our long-range decoy rockets cubic corporation acting through the subsidiary cubic defense Australia is also a recognized Australian Defence Forces Supplier a member of the defense industry security panel and holds authorize maintenance status
at a state government level cubic corporation holds contracts¬†in regards to transportation systems cubic transportation systems strong¬†sales and profit growth¬†in recent years can in part be attributed to their large contract wins¬†for turnkey automated fare collection sold¬†actions including Sydney and Brisbane Queensland’s new generation go kart¬†could be a smartphone app¬†which might also be used as a debit card to buy food
drinks and magazines a train and bus stations that is one option to be explored as Queensland¬†transport begins to consider the next 10 years I’ve what Queenslanders now know¬†as the go comment¬†giant us-based public transport and defense contract to cubic corporation in¬†July 2006 1 a 10-year $225 million dollars contract to develop the go kart¬†public transport system in Queensland¬†in New South Wales¬†from September 1st the government will start to retire some other paper based¬†multi trip tickets¬†to encourage commuters to switch to the Opel comment¬†opal also records the commuters travel history¬†transport New South Wales is collecting a wealth of information on the times and¬†locations for web people travel in the state using their opal comment¬†this information could ultimately be used for the investigation of the crime¬†where a person’s location at the time of the crime may be required¬†police can access this data without a warrant as part of law enforcement¬†investigations¬†in reaction to other media reporting on the issue¬†transport for New South Wales defended the practice

citizens of Australia and the rest of the world how is it that Israeli governments using state-owned corporations are using lobbyists to lobby Australian Government in regards to its military spending and are you okay with the fact that our government our complicity in supporting the war crimes committed worldwide by Israeli and US forces with the help of Israeli and US arms dealers the Rupert Murdoch media and key members of both state and federal parliament we are witnessing zionism apartheid genocide and exploitation in exchange for money

we will not tolerate it
we are anonymous
we are legion
expect us
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