Nuclear power plants are under constant threat of cyber attacks

The researchers found that nuclear facilities are not ready to repel potential cyberthreats.

According to a report of the research institute Chatham House, nuclear power plants around the world are under increasing threat of cyber attacks constantly. Most countries of the world are insufficiently prepared to defend its energy infrastructure. Lack of safety equipment in operating nuclear power plants due to their obsolescence.

Researchers at Chatham House during the 18 months studied cybersecurity energy infrastructure around the world. It was found that cybercriminals are state-sponsored hackers and terrorists during the period under review time considerably increased their activity. This means that there is now a serious and constant threat of a full-fledged implementation of cyber attacks on nuclear facilities.

The experts noted that even minor security incidents at nuclear power plants could lead to catastrophic consequences in the event of a leak of radioactive substances. Moreover, such a situation can be very negative impact on public opinion about nuclear power and put the future of the industry at risk.