[BREAKING] Mark Zuckerberg is Wanted in Iran for criminal activities

Mark Zuckerberg is not going to Iran any time soon. The Iranian Islamic court has demanded that Mark Zuckerberg has to be brought to court in Iran. If he does not come to the Iranian court he will become a ‘WANTED‘ person in Iran. This means if Mark Zuckerberg or anybody that looks like him, will be arrested on sight in Iran. Mark Zuckerberg is being held responsible for abusing the privacy of Whatsapp and Instagram users.

Almost all Social media websites like Facebook,Youtube,Twitter are banned in Iran and most user dont have access to free internet. This month Instagram got blocked in Iran because of various ‘privacy’ concerns.

Few Iranian Government officals use Twitter and Facebook, they use this as all the other social media users do. The Iranian officials have arrested all the dancers which danced in the Iranian Pharrel William Happy video and released them later, the director is stil in prison.