Malicious e-mail: Walk in cooler and freezer

Today we have received an e-mail which had the subject “Walk in cooler and freezer”. The email contains an attachment and the context of the e-mail is very direct.

The e-mail contains the question if we buy used equipment and it instructs us to open the attachment.

Walk in cooler and freezer malicious email

The attachment has been titled:[email protected]”.

We decided to upload the attachment to the VirusTotal website to see if it contains any malicious code. Guess what, the attachment contains malware and it has been identified by various antivirus scanners on VirusTotal as a malicious file.

The file holds the following SHA256 value: 51fd294fe99d7e28ac238fb9dd9d41b6c952407718f15645f5c99ec195973777

The malicious e-mail:


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