Is DuckDuckGo a Worthy Alternative to Google Search ?

If you are worried about your online privacy and safety then this article can be very beneficial for you. There is always something wrong with Google, so you can use DuckDuckGo over it to maintain your privacy.

DuckDuckGo traffic is getting high day-by-day, and for good reason. The privacy-centric search engine is gaining popularity as internet users become more aware of the behavior, activity, place tracking habits of giants such as Google, Facebook and others.

So let’s know what DuckDuckGo is !

DuckDuckGo is a web search engine just like Google, a website where you can search with the help of the internet based on your own customized needs.

DuckDuckGo’s popularity increased day by day, people start to believe DuckDuckGo more secure than Google. For this reason, today more than 25 million people search on DuckDuckGo everyday. It is much less than Google, but this number is increasing day by day.

Why people like DuckDuckGo leaving Google?

It is very difficult to use the internet without a search engine. A search engine is a tool that tries to cut every kind of information on the Internet and sets it in a pattern. Later, this search engine conveys the information according to user’s usage or command.

For example, whenever we search anything on Google search engine or search for a product. Then Google saves the information of our product on their server. This makes it easy them to advertise. At the same time Google has our personal information.

What is the difference between DuckDuckGo and Google?

The real reason behind the growing popularity of DuckDuckGo is its privacy feature. If you use Google, Google gets all your information. That is, Google is tracking you every time. Google knows your name, what you work, what you say, what you are watching on the internet, what you are searching, or what are you buying on the internet.

Google keeps every information of its users/visitors, with help it can show advertisement. Using Google, your privacy gets threatened. If you do not make any difference with it, then it’s a different matter.

Many people feel angry because of Google’s arbitrariness. For many people, their privacy is very important. They do not want anyone to keep an eye on them every time. So many people in Europe and America do not use Google. Where Google eliminates your privacy on one side, DuckDuckGo maintains your privacy. DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any of your private and personal information or data.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t ask you for your location, doesn’t track your IP address, doesn’t monitors your search history. That is why DuckDuckGo gives full privacy to its customers. There is no one to track you and your web search here.  Due to this specialty, many people are using DuckDuckGo.

How to use DuckDuckGo?

If you know using Google then you will not have any problem using DuckDuckGo. It is very easy to use DuckDuckGo . You can visit DuckDuckGo’s website and can use it.

If you use an Android mobile smartphone, you will get DuckDuckGo’s official browser application on Google PlayStore. This browser has been downloaded by more than 11 million users.

If you use Apple device, you can use DuckDuckGo with the help of a Safari browser or you can download it from Apple Store. You can do this with the help of a Web site, application or extension on the computer.

Pros of using DuckDuckGo

  • The biggest advantage of using this search engine is privacy, DuckDuckGo maintains your privacy in every way.
  • DuckDuckGo doesn’t monitor any user information, track you, and ask for your location.
  • DuckDuckGo is faster. It doesn’t take much time while redirecting.
  •  Like Google and other search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn’t run advertising.
  •  DuckDuckGo doesn’t discriminate in any content due to lack of advertisement.

Cons of using DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo’s algorithm is quite weak compared to Google.
  • DuckDuckGo does not have its own index algorithm. That’s why it simply tries to reach your information by filtering all the bigger websites mainly.
  • You will not get the results that are personalized for you.
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