Iran SL Khamenei Ordered for mass Ballistic missile production

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered IRCG for mass production of Ballistic missiles,during a visit to an aviation convention of the Revolutionary his speech leader lashed out at the western countries and called them stupid for their idiotic expectations of Iran to limit its missile program.

The United States and other Western countries fear that the Iran long ranges missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

missile iran

Iran’s nuclear negotiator didnt accept to discuss over Ballistic missiles as part of talks with world powers on a final agreement and left Vienna with a little progress with six powers negotiating.

The White House PressSec Jay Carney in his press briefing answered to question what is the White House’s view of that Iran is actively pursuing ballistic missiles and the possibility of eventually reaching a nuclear deal told yesterday;

” On the question of ballistic missiles, we have made clear that all issues of concern are on the table during the P5-plus-1 negotiations aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement. And we’re not going to get into details of specific items of negotiations because negotiating in public wouldn’t serve the goal here, but I would point you to the fact that the Joint Plan of Action lays out very clearly the elements for a comprehensive agreement and it talks about all concerns needing to be addressed, and it talks about making sure that we know that, in fact, this is an entirely peaceful program. It also talks about U.N. Security Council resolutions needing to be addressed, including provisions relating to ballistic missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

So ballistic missiles fall into the topics under discussion that would need to be part of a comprehensive resolution of this dispute and this challenge. So that’s the view we take. Without sort of teasing out any individual item and talking about how that concern would have to be addressed in the final product, what we will do is point you to those U.N. Security Council resolutions, the fact that the Joint Plan of Action explicitly calls for those concerns to be resolved, and make clear that everything in the JPA is on the table and has to be resolved for a comprehensive agreement to be reached.”

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