How to tunnel all traffic from your PC via the TOR Network with TSOCKS

In the last couple of weeks, I have been doing some research on how to hide your external IP from resources that you connect to, and I have seen various solutions which allow you to do this.

Some of the solutions are paid, and some of them are free.

In this article, we are going to focus on the free TSOCKS tool which allows you to simply setup an TOR proxy and force all your “computer” traffic via the TOR proxy.

The installation can be performed within 2 minutes and it is really easy to use. I recommend it for everyone which wants to use the TOR environment to hide their public IP.

Please do note – I cannot guarantee that your IP will be hidden all the time, this is just a method.

How to install and use the TSOCKS tool on Ubuntu / Linux environments

Install TSOCKS, This will allow you to tunnel your terminal commands via the TOR environment

sudo apt-get install tsocks

Edit the file /etc/tsocks.conf

1. sudo nano /etc/tsocks.conf
2. Search “server =” and replace with “server =”
3. Search “server_port =” and replace with “server_port = 9050”      (9050 is the default TOR port)
4. Press CTRL+X and PRESS “Y”.

Install TOR
5. sudo apt-get install tor

Restart the TOR service
6. sudo service tor restart

Use the TSOCKS program

You can start your mozilla browser with the TSOCKS program by performing the following command:

sudo tsocks mozilla

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