How To Keep Your Company’s Data Safe When Moving


Moving a company or office starts before the actual movers show up. IT relocation is very critical and starts out with mapping the move, putting safeguards in place to protect the company’s data and ensure it doesn’t get lost. 

1. Backup

Of course, the first step to protecting company data is to back it up. All of the information on all devices will have to be thoroughly backed up. This can be done via an external hard drive, on the cloud or even to other devices. 

2. Ensure that data recovery is fully functional

You will also need to ensure that data recovery is fully functional and up to date. The worst thing that can happen is if your data gets lost or damaged and your data recovery isn’t functional. You have to ensure that you don’t lose that data forever. So, make sure that you thoroughly test the recovery software and ensure that it can recover big files as well as big quantities of files. In the case that your data recovery software isn’t properly functioning, you will need to update it before your company can move. 

3. IT Move Sheet

Next, develop an IT move sheet so that you can properly take note of all your data storage devices and important information related to each of them. Some of this information includes the exact type of equipment, where each one needs to be moved, reconfiguration details etc. You should also take note of expensive equipment. By creating this sheet it will help to make moving a lot easier. 

4. Fix broken equipment

If you have any IT equipment that isn’t functioning at 100% or in need of repairs, make sure to get them fixed. This is necessary because problematic equipment is more vulnerable during moving and may completely break down or become worse after moving. This is likely due to the moving, shifting and even bumps on the road. 

So, either you fix these equipment or completely delete the data and properly dispose of them. Ensure that you do this as safely as you can to ensure that no one else can recover or access the data. We actually have IT recycling and disposal services that also provides safe data destruction. 


Once it is time for the move to occur, this is the most vulnerable time for IT equipment that contains sensitive data since it can easily be lost. Therefore, make sure that all of your IT equipment are very carefully handled and packed, using a professional moving company like is the best way to ensure that your IT equipment is moved safely and securely. We will now look at how to do so. 

1. Ensure all machines are working and power them off

Make sure that you check that all of your IT equipment is working properly before powering them off for the last time. If you keep your equipment on such as your laptops, phones etc powered on during the move, this can cause a great deal of overheating which would lead to issues such as data loss. 

2. Correct labelling

You need to ensure that all of your IT equipment is properly labelled so that you know where to place them in the new space. Keep in mind that the less moving that the equipment needs to go through, the less likely that they will get damaged. Once you know exactly where everything is supposed to go, it will make it a lot easier to get the business functional again. 

3. Disconnect all cabling

You should make sure to disconnect all cables before you pack up your IT equipment for moving. Make sure that you take note of port numbers if you need to. 

4. Wrap everything up

Use anti-static bubble bags to carefully wrap all of the IT equipment. This will reduce the likelihood that it will incur any damages while moving. Once you work with Evolve Relocation, we already have these bags available for use in addition to other necessary materials. 

5. Moving cages should be well secured

In order to get better protection, make sure that you use bubble wrap to line all of the moving cages that you’ll be using to store IT equipment. It may also be best to shrink wrap the cages for better security as well as protect against the rain, sun and wind. 

6. Carefully secure all IT equipment during the loading process

Use webbing straps to properly secure your IT equipment whenever you need to roll the moving cages into their correct positions inside of the moving truck. It is definitely recommended that you use added protection such as ratchet straps and even wool blankets to help secure your equipment. 

7. Unload very carefully

Once the moving vehicles have arrived at the new office, unloading will need to take place. Make sure that this is done carefully. In the event that it is raining during this time, make sure that you only move the cages if they are shrink wrapped to protect against the rain or at least use blankets or other protective coverings. 

This is all essential to ensure that the IT equipment is safely moved from the old office into the new office. 


Once you have gotten all of the equipment into the new office, the move is almost done! However, there are still a couple more steps to complete before your equipment is safely moved and the integrity of your data isn’t comprised. 

1. Properly position the IT equipment

Use the labels to accurately position each of your IT equipment. You should also look at your IT move sheet so that every device is properly set up according to the necessary condition and preferences. All of the power cables should be connected as documented and the data cables should be plugged into the correct ports. Be sure to carefully and neatly run cables in the desks and use various cable management techniques to ensure that this is safe and neat without any hazards. 

2. Set up

Next, you will need to power on the equipment and get them connected to your company’s server. Ensure that everything is working well in the same manner as they did before moving. Be sure to address and fix any issues with connectivity. 

3. Check the printers

Don’t forget to connect your printers and test them out to ensure they are working. 

Once you have used our relocation checklist, you can rest easy knowing that your data would be safe during a company move. The entire process is certainly challenging and overwhelming, so you may want to hire another company to help move your IT equipment for you. This would certainly reduce your stress and give you greater peace of mind. We at Evolve Relocation have a great deal of experience with IT relocation and we employ a very thorough moving process so that all of our clients IT equipment is safely moved and their data is always kept as safe as possible. Be sure to message or give us a call so we can get started.

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