How to get a €50 Dutch IaaS account for free

When looking for a suitable solution for your hosting it sometimes does not fulfill your requirements.

The hosting party does not offer the right root access or is simply too expensive or is not compatible with your stack. A 100% Dutch datacenter party has manufactured an infrastructure as a service solution for all you open source security experts with the first 30 days a freebee of €50 worth of resources.

NLDatastore 100% Dutch IaaS

It does not look as fancy as the other parties you know like, AWS, GCP, Azure, Linode, Digital Ocean or other parties but it sure has a good look and feel with open source tooling. This makes it the ideal choice for your running workloads that need a Dutch presence in IP address to spin up the OS you want and do threat analysis, malware detection or for data gathering purposes.

How is it build?

NLDatastore used an redundant platform in the Dutch city of Groningen and Almere to host the openceph platform, It used an open nebula interface to glue everything together so that you can run other applications or your own images from the datastore. It already contains Alpine linux 3.10, Ubuntu 20.04. Debian 10 and CentOS 8 to setup your own environment.

It uses KVM so that you can setup multiple machines when only paying once for the resources like CPU, RAM, Storage, IP and bandwidth and distribute the resources over the machines.

If needed it can connect on the internet backbone itself via the AS range to create a multi cloud solutions that always delivers the right bandwidth and latency between datacenter locations. The possibilities are endless with NLDatastore and your imagination the only limitation. So expand your mind and possibilities by reaching out to them with your request.

Free € 50 Open Source IaaS account

When running experiments you need to spin up 1 or more servers or machines to test in a real life environment. Try it now for free by going to

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