Hospital hacked and held for ransom

The hack was found last Friday, the staff at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center stated that they noticed that the IT was having a lot of issues, and it was at that moment that they decided to alert the IT-staff.

According to the report which is published by NBC, the cyber attack had interfered with the daily operations of the hospital, making it almost impossible for doctors and staff to operate.

hospital ransomware

The report states that no information was compromised, but if this is truly a ransomware attack, then the chance of data being compromised is very high. The data itself can be encrypted in such a way, that it will be impossible for the hospital to regain access.

So the chance is there that the hospital will pay the ransom in order to retrieve their encrypted files.

But, if the hospital has all the data stored on a back-up, the chance is very high that they will not pay the ransom amount.