How to hack ISIS – the legal way (2016)

ISIS is at war with the world, so the WORLD is at war with ISIS. In this tutorial we are going to take a look on how to take down ISIS communication channels, websites and how to disrupt their low-hanging fruit communication channels.

The low-hanging fruit environments are often operated by people which operate from their home. This allows us to pressure those environments. The way we are going to be able to force pressure is by using the law.

It is not wise to break the law – this will only decrease the amount of pressure you are able to provide as you will have to focus on keeping yourself out of prison.


Use a service which will hide your public IP. This will make it harder for anyone to identify you via the internet. Just keep in mind that anything else you post on the internet might allow someone to identify you.


Once you have a VPN running – continue to and create a free gmail account which you will use for this operation only.

Hacking into communication channels of ISIS

The best way to hack into the communication channels of ISIS is by asking the hosting provider to take action. The hosting provider will be able to setup communication channels with intelligence agencies and law enforcement – the mentioned parties will then be able to dig deeper and gather intelligence which will allow them to arrest persons of interest.

So it is not our point to take down those environments ourselves, the thing which we can do is to identify those environments.

So the steps to disrupt communication channels of ISIS is:

  • Identify the communication channel
  • Gather as much as possible information via public sources;
    WhoIS information
    Email addresses
  • Setup communication with the hosting provider (can be found via the WHOIS information)
  •  Ask if the hosting provider is aware that they are hosting ISIS content?
  •  Ask if the hosting provider is prepared to dig into their network to find more ISIS related content.
  • Ask if they think communication should be setup with the mentioned parties (intelligence agencies)

Your report to the intelligence agencies or the police

Make sure that you keep track of everything you do. This will allow you to defend yourself once someone claims that you have been performing illegal acts.

Gather all the information which you have found into one report. If you have skills to create a nice report, then do not hesitate to do so. This will raise the chance that your report will be taken seriously.

If the police does not take your report seriously, and you are 99% certain that you have valuable information – do not hesitate to contact your countries intelligence agency. Listen to their instructions and make sure that you follow them.

If you think that you are still not being taken seriously – you can always contact the press. They will do their own research on the provided material.

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