FBI raids hackers which use these remote administration tools

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People who have bought a remote administration tool (RAT) online are following the developments in the Blackshades RAT raid as it will give them signs if they are next. If their identity is found on the databases of the FBI and her partners then the chance is very high that the FBI or any other government agency would like to have a chat with the hacker.

In The Netherlands, U.S., France, Germany and various other countries the government authorities have started raiding peoples homes which are suspected of buying tools which will allow them to hack other people. So take a good look at your list of applications installed on your environment. Did you get them legally? Do you have any Remote Administration Tools running which are performing illegal activities? then burn your harddisk and never do it again.

Europol and her partners have proven that they are capable of capturing cybercriminals which use new methods to hack people. The perfect example is the voice-phishing case which led to a raid which resulted in the capture of 12 cybercriminals.

Take a look at the following list of Remote Administration Tools:

  • PoisonIvy RAT
  • DarkComet RAT
  • BlackShades RAT
  • Cerberus RAT

If you see one that you are using, make sure that you only use it for legal activities. It might be that the FBI will raid your home for your harddisk. For more evidence on government agencies that are raiding cybercriminals you can take a look at the Blackshades RAT raid operation.

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Reza Rafati

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