Fake LinkedIn Profile check

We also added a nice video on how to bypass the LinkedIn wall

The fake Linked Profile check

Now that you know why it is important, we will explain which techniques you can use to perform a fake LinkedIn Profile check.

In a quick list, the checks are:

  • Do a Google Images hunt
  • Be aware of what you put online
  • Check the history of a LinkedIn profile
  • Get an indication of the age of the LinkedIn profile
  • Only add people you know

Google Images

The first thing that needs to be done when you get an invite is to verify if the used picture is not a stock picture or a stolen picture. You can do this very quickly by using the Google Image search function.


Navigate to the official Google Images website and click on the camera icon that is shown in the search bar.

Camera icon

Once you click on the camera, a window will be shown that has two image search functions. The first one allows you to provide an URL, the second one allows you to upload a picture. Choose which one you want to use. The quickest would be to simply use the URL option.

Paste Image url or Upload an image

Lets go with the option to search with the URL option. Right click on the image of your OWN LinkedIn profile and COPY the URL. Once it has been copied, you can paste the URL in the Paste Image URL field. Take a look on what the results bring. If you see a picture of yourself on a profile you did not create, then you just found someone that is using your identity. This same method can be applied on the picture of the potential fake LinkedIn profile.

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