Facebook scam: Startle the world’s largest snake !! [gmter.com]

Beware of the Snake Facebook scam which is trying to lure unaware victims to the malicious hxxp://gmter.com domain. A Facebook post is currently circulating which claims that a snake has been found, and that people are about to startle the snake.

The post is currently being shared in a Chinese translated version, but we have seen this post circulate the web previously in the English version.

The “Startle the world’s largest snake” Facebook scam which is hosted on gmter.com is a typical clickjacking scam.

restricted video Facebook scam

The scam claims that the victim has to share the video before the victim is able to watch it. Once the victim has shared the video, the victim will be navigated to another malicious website which will try to serve an malicious application or malicious survey.

The cybercriminals and hackers which are behind the “Startle the world’s largest snake’ Facebook scam on gmter.com are after money and personal information.

The surveys which are attached to the Facebook scam allow the cybercriminals to generate an online revenue, and it is only a matter of time before the gmter.com Facebook scam will go viral.

Facebook scams like the “Startle the world’s largest snake” scam are often launched in various versions, the cybercriminals and hackers behind the scams often use generators to generate these type of scams. It only costs them a couple of minutes to setup these type of scams. So we are always a step behind, but that does not mean that we cannot recognize them, and avoid them!

So I strongly urge you to share this information, and make sure that you report click jacking scams and other malicious posts on Facebook on sight. This will help us in the fight against cybercriminals and scammers which try to infect devices and accounts of unaware people.

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