Facebook scam: Publix Coupon worth 100$ or more

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Beware of the “Public Coupon” scam which is currently circulating on Facebook. The scam is trying to lure unaware users to a malicious website which will steal personal information from the victims.

The victims often do not know that they are involved with a scam as the scammers take various steps to ensure that the victim is lured to the malicious site.

Publix Coupon scam

The scammers and hackers which are behind the Publix coupon scam are trying to generate an online revenue by stealing personal information.

It is also possible that the Public Coupon scammers will force the victims to download a piece of code to their device which will allow the cybercriminal, scammer or hacker to remotely control the infected device.

If you see someone which is sharing the Public Coupon scam, then please do inform them in a private message, and urge them to remove the post from their timeline.

You can also report the post if you notice that it is coming from a malicious Facebook user.

Share this with people that should know this: