[ENISA Whitepaper] Cyber Europe 2010 Report

ENISA is an agency of the European Union

Also published by ENISA

  1. Report on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Management
  2. Flash Note: The BASH Shellshock Bug
  3. Flash Note: Heartbleed – A wake-up call
  4. Flash Note: Large scale UDP attacks – the 2014 trend and how to face it
  5. Flash note: Risks of using discontinued software
  6. Position Paper of the EP3R Task Forces on Incident Management and Mutual Aid Strategies (TF-MASIM)
  7. Roadmap for European Cyber Security Month
  8. ENISA Threat Landscape 2013 – Overview of current and emerging cyber-threats
  9. National-level Risk Assessments: An Analysis Report
  10. Recommended cryptographic measures – Securing personal data
  11. Report on Second International Conference on Cyber-crisis Cooperation and Exercises
  12. Cybersecurity cooperation – Defending the digital frontline
  13. Flash Note: Can Recent Attacks Really Threaten Internet Availability?
  14. Flash note: Cyber-attacks – a new edge for old weapons
  15. Critical Cloud Computing-A CIIP perspective on cloud computing services
  16. Cyber Europe 2012 – Key Findings Report
  17. National Cyber Security Strategies: An Implementation Guide
  18. Appropriate security measures for smart grids
  19. Consumerization of IT: Final report on Risk Mitigation Strategies and Good Practices
  20. Be Aware, Be Secure. Synthesis of the results of the first European Cyber Security Month
  21. EISAS Large-Scale Pilot – Collaborative Awareness Raising for EU Citizens & SMEs
  22. EU Cyber Cooperation-The Digital Frontline
  23. Involving Intermediaries in Cyber-security Awareness Raising
  24. National and International Cyber Security Exercises: Survey, Analysis & Recommendations
  25. Cyber Incident Reporting in the EU
  26. Incentives and barriers of the cyber insurance market in Europe
  27. Flash note: The threat from flamer
  28. National Cyber Security Strategies
  29. Cyber Security Aspects in the Maritime Sector
  30. Appstore security: 5 lines of defence against malware
  31. Cyber-bullying and online grooming: helping to protect against the risks
  32. Cyber Europe 2010 Report
  33. Priorities for Research on Current and Emerging Network Trends
  34. CERT Exercises Toolset
  35. CERT Exercises Handbook