Easy way to spend Bitcoin via Bitplaza

Shopping without money? Yes, it’s possible. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, is changing more than the way people invest. Users can now shop paying with this infamous cryptocurrency. Yes, you can spend Bitcoin and buy your favorite products rather than paying cash.

It’s made possible with Bitplaza, a shopping app allowing users to pay with Bitcoin. This app is truly changing the way we shop today. Bitcoin isn’t just a cryptocurrency meant for investing; it’s truly a spendable currency that users in any country can use to shop globally.

Changing the Face of Shopping

Bitplaza takes the confusion out of paying with cryptocurrency. Most investors consider Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency too complex to spend. The exchange rates are enough to make anyone’s head spin, causing investors to leave it alone. That was until Bitplaza came along.

An app for either your Android or iPhone device on the App Store, Bitplaza allows you to buy virtually anything with Bitcoin. You aren’t restricted to a certain brand or product. Bitplaza provides access to a broad range of items throughout the world, making it easier than ever to spend Bitcoin on your favorite products.

What you can Buy

Of course, the question everyone wants to know, what can you spend Bitcoin on? On Bitplaza, you’ll find some of the most popular brands today, such as Starbucks, Dell, Nintendo, Apple, and Adidas just to name a few. Bitplaza has just about any category you can think of including groceries, household items, electronics, baby and toddler, toys, and more. They are continually adding more products too.

Using Bitplaza

Bitplaza is incredibly user-friendly. Its layout is simple and easy to understand. Once you choose a category, you’ll be faced with numerous products within the chosen category. The products are available from the major retail vendors that work through Bitplaza, enabling you to spend Bitcoin.

Once you click on a product, you can view the details, just as you would on a retailer’s site. You’ll also see the Bitcoin pricing. If you decide to buy it, you choose a product and add it to your cart, just as you would on any other retail site. You then pay with Bitcoin and can even track your package until it’s delivered.

Bitplaza’s Safety

According to the company website, Bitplaza doesn’t share your information with anyone else. If you have any questions or concerns, they welcome you to contact them via phone or email (phone support is available Mon-Sat 10 AM – 7 PM EST).

Bitcoin News

While Bitcoin has been a bit of a controversial topic in the last few weeks, analysts predict it has nowhere to go but up. In other words, this cryptocurrency market is showing ‘bullish’ signs which means better things are yet to come. The last time the cryptocurrency showed signs like this, Bitcoin jumped 230%. Wouldn’t you want to be in on that action? If you are new to Bitcoin, now is a great time to begin learning.

Bitplaza, try it out.
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