Building A Career In Data Science

In the current economy, analytics is playing a much larger role. Major companies make a point of gathering data, and there is a high demand for people that are able to interpret that data effectively. These people are know as data scientists. Harnham comment on this being the year of the data engineer.

What Are Data Scientists? 

Workers in this field must spot trends, serve the role of a computer scientist, and even rely on mathematics. A data scientist must work to interpret high volumes of data. The data is analyzed to identify trends and gain insight. A data scientist must work in the worlds of IT and business. They must analyze complex data, providing industry-driving insights that can spur companies into action. 

Essential Skills for Data Scientists 

Are you considering pursuing a career in data science? If so, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with Hadoop, machine learning, statistics, and of course, analysis. Communication and critical thinking skills are also essential in these types of roles. Creative problem-solvers excel in this type of role. Naturally, in order to work as a data science, you’ll need the appropriate training. Top Programming Languages for a Data Scientist, our completely free eBook, can tell you more. 

In this industry, there are countless opportunities available for candidates that are fully qualified. 

Data Science Careers 

Individuals that work as data scientists hold numerous job titles, including: 

Business Intelligence Analyst 

These professionals determine business and market trends through data analysis. They can provide highly valuable information that can determine a company’s current industry standing. 

Data Mining Engineer 

This role involves analyzing data for a business and third parties. These engineers also develop algorithms that are specifically designed to aid in data analysis. 

Data Architect 

This position involves working alongside developers, system designers, and even end users in order to build effective blueprints for data management systems. These blueprints help to protect data sources while integrating, maintaining, and centralizing the collected data. 

Data Scientist 

While these professionals work with data, the work they do takes a scientific approach. They must convert businesses cases to analytics agendas. They will develop hypotheses and work to understand the data on a deeper level. Patterns must be explored and studied to properly identify the ways they impact businesses. Data scientists also select algorithms that will aid in data analysis. Through business analytics, these experts can predict what lies ahead for a company and develop solutions that will benefit the business going forward. 

Senior Data Scientist 

These professionals work to predict the future needs of a business. They won’t just collect data. That data will also be analyzed in detail. This makes it possible to find solutions for challenging problems that businesses are facing. Senior data scientists rely on their experience to develop new standards and find new ways to utilize data. They also create tools that will improve data analysis going forward.

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