Beware of these 17 fake news websites

The internet is loaded with false information, and a lot of this false information is being spread via satire websites. This false news, enforces thousands of people worldwide to participate in idiotic actions.

To help the world and the internet users, we have created a list of 17 fake news websites, which you have to avoid.

If you do decide to visit these satire websites, then make sure not to share it on your social media timeline, as it will make you look stupid.

  1. The Borowitz Report
  2. Call The Cops
  3. The Daily Currant
  4. Empire News
  5. Empire Sports
  6. Free Wood Post
  7. Global Associated News (
  8. Huzlers
  9. The Lapine
  10. Lightly Braised Turnip
  11. MediaMass
  12. National Report
  13. The Onion
  14. The Racket Report
  15. The Spoof
  16. Weekly World News
  17. World News Daily Report
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