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Be aware of the ‘ixjobs’ free exclusive jobs Twitter scam

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Scammers and hackers are sending malicious tweets to unaware Twitter users. They send a shortened URL which will redirect the users to the IXJOBS website.

This website claims to offer ‘FREE Exclusive Job Offers’ to the location of your internet address.

IXJOBS Twitter Scam

Once the unaware users lands on the website, they will see a message which claims that they have the opportunity to earn some daily money.

The scammers continue to explain that the user only needs to ‘review’ and ‘complete surveys’ about products.

You have the opportunity to earn some daily money! All you have to do is review and complete surveys about products. You will receive your payment every 24 hours. We are currently accepting only 11 more members!

free exclusive jobs scam
free exclusive jobs scam

Payment every 24 hours

The scammers try to lure the unaware users by promising the users that they will be able to receive a payment every 24 hours.

They increase the chance of infection by claiming that they are only accepting 11 more members.


Cybercriminals are launching shocking hoaxes as these schemes have a high chance of going viral on the internet. These schemes are often loaded with malicious surveys and applications which will try to infect the unaware user.

Share this with people that should know this: