Anonymous Brasil holds a ‘verified’ Facebook status

The Anonymous Brasil Facebook page has received a ‘verified‘ status on Facebook. The Brazillian Anonymous hacktivist page currently holds 1 300 000 (1.3 million) likes.

The hacktivist page reports on various hacking and security events.

FIFA World Cup cybercriminals

The cybercriminals will use the FIFA World cup to infect unaware people with malicious applications. The hackers will install point-of-sales malware, and they will use remote administration tools to administer their infected victim devices. Various security companies have published a Fifa World Cup 2014 report which clearly states that hackers and cybercriminals will initiate cyber-attacks on unaware people during the Fifa World Cup 2014 event.

Anonymous Brasil

The Anonymous Brasil community is massive, they hold 23 300 (23 thousand) followers on Twitter.

They have a total of 170556 people following them on the Google+ social media network.

Anonymous Brazil verified
Anonymous Brazil verified

There is no immediate reason for the ‘verified’ status which is currently being hold by the Anonymous Brasil Facebook page. It could be of the fact, that they are a ‘influental’ party on the social media network.

Anonymous Brasil website

It is just a couple of days before the FIFA world cup 2014 event will start, and various reports have been published about possible cyber-attacks which might be performed by cybercriminals and hacktivists.

How to stay safe during the FIFA world cup 2014

It is wise to be aware of the FIFA world cup cyber-attacks and schemes which might get launched during the FIFA world cup 2014 event. Take a look at the security tips which will help you to stay safe during the FIFA world cup 2014 event. The following collection of security questions can be used to discuss the security status of your company. Be aware of the various schemes which are luring unaware social media users. Use this checklist to control the security status of your social media account.

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