Evolution and Agora Marketplaces go down in the same week

The past week has been a very interesting one when it comes to the DarkWeb, DarkWeb marketplaces in particular. The Evolution Marketplace site recently disappeared as the admins, Verto and  Kimble, pulled off one of the biggest exit scams in internet history. Estimations on the approximate value of the stolen BTC range from $15m to $35m, reguardless the number is in the tens of millions.

Shortly after the confirmation that the BTC from the wallets were being siphoned, a Reddit user named “DeepThroat_” claimed to have the admins’ DOX. He threatened to release if they didnt return the site to normal function and repay BTCs within 24 hours.

Reddit user, DeepThoat_, claiming to have admins DOX

As to whether “DeepThroat_” actually has the DOX or just bluffing, no one knows since he hasnt posted it. I can only speculate that hes bluffing and just trying to scare the admins. Reguardless, if they actually have anything at all to back their claims, it worked in scaring either one of the admins or an associate enough to contact him through email. They said he would bring “heat” on himself if he released the DOX and to “think” before doing something stupid. He was then offered $5,000 to delete his reddit posts and agree to not release any DOX on Verto and  Kimble; to which DeepThroat_ replied, “fuck you”.

DeepThroat_ bribe for $5,000

In the same week as Evolution Marketplace going down, the Agora Marketplace has gone down as well. However, as far as we know from what the admin has posted, it’s only down for maintinance and hes “not running off with anyones coins”. Obviously there has been alot of paranoia and speculation around this since its so close to the Evolution exit scam. On the other hand, there are many people who trust the admin and believe he is changing PGP keys, upgrading and patching servers since they will be gaining all of Evolutions traffic. There has been sparse reports about brief access but mostly only from vendors. I recently found a site and a twitter bot that monitors Agora’s uptime and status codes.

Only time will tell if Agora really will come back online for everyone or will users have to find another marketplace. I will be watching and keeping everyone up to date on this.






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