Facebook malware: Candy Crush Saga Hack Tool

Hackers on the internet are targeting Candy Crush Saga players with a scheme that will only be profitable for the hacker. Candy Crush Saga players are often challenged by difficult levels which are hard to beat. Candy Crush Saga helps these players by giving them the chance to buy premium content which allows them to beat the level. Hackers have published a tool which acts like an trainer for the Candy Crush Saga game. 

Candy Crush Saga virus

The hackers have published the tool on their website, once you visit the website you will see a big green button which has the text 'Download' imbedded. Once you click on the download button you will download a *.ZIP folder which has the following files. 

Candy Crush Saga Hack files

The first file is a WinRar archive that has been protected with a password. The second file contains the instruction to open the WinRar archive. 

Candy Crush Saga Hack instructions

Once you visit the link that contains the password you will land on a page that provides a file named 'Password.txt' but before you can download the Password text file you need to fill in some forms. 

These kind of pages often redirect users to malicious pages where personal information is collected which then again is sold for all kind of purposes. 

The hackers are not only targeting the Candy Crush Saga game, they have a massive list of games which they have hacked to build trainers. 

More games

The hackers targeted atleast 23 000 users

Candy Crush Facebook Hack

Please inform your friends so they are aware of these kind of threats.