Video: Locked Shields 2012

Cyber Defence Exercise Locked Shields, organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, took place in March 2012. It had a game-based approach, which means that no real organisations played their actual role and the scenario was fictional.

The defenders (Blue Teams) had to protect a partially pre-built environment simulating the network of a small telecommunications company. The attacker's (Red Team) objective was to provide equally balanced attacks against all the Blue Team networks.

The Blue Teams were from Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Italy, NATO (NCIRC), Slovakia, there were also combined teams from Germany-Austria and Denmark-Norway. The core of the Red Team composed of specialists and volunteers from Finland and Estonia, with additional contributors from Germany, Latvia and NCIRC.

Locked Shields 2012 from NATO CCD COE on Vimeo.

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