Video Distributed Networked Battle Labs (DNBL): a virtual platform for real tests

 Interoperability is key to better operational effectiveness. Thanks to a new platform launched by Allied Command Transformation, Allies can now check from a distance whether their equipment "speaks the same language".

The story is about this platform called DNBL " "Distributed Networked Battle Labs".


At Industry Day 2008 in Brussels, SACT launched a project with industry support to develop a DNBL that would provide an additional mechanism to engage in future collaborative projects. The DNBL project commenced in March 2009 with funding provided by ACT and it is intended to deliver the framework by the end of 2009, with a pilot case to be conducted in early 2010.

The objectives of the DNBL project are to compress the NATO capability development cycle to improve mission effectiveness and interoperability of capabilities when they are delivered to operational forces and to demonstrate the value of being able to conduct interoperability and integration testing over a distributed network.

Industry Day 2009 provided an opportunity to brief the progress that the DNBL team has made over the past year and solicited ideas from industry for appropriate project areas that are of mutual benefit and therefore suited to collaborative projects in the spirit of the FFCI.