The Netherlands: Skimmers target ING bank 10 000 users compromised

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01-12-2011 Skimmers are actively involved in the skimming of Dutch bank cards. Last month alone 10 000 ING bank accounts have been put inactive because they had been skimmed.

A good friend of mine went to the ATM machine to get some money – before he knew it he had a ticket in his hand saying your account has been put inactive for security measures– please contact your bank.

So we went to the bank and asked what was going on.

What’s up?

The bank employer told us that his account had been compromised by skimmers and that his account has been made inactive. He told us that the skimmers robbed him from his cash and that he did not know when they skimmed his card or where they skimmed his card. He told us that the anti-fraud department of the ING has that kind of information and that the information is not public.

Amount of money skimmed

The friend of mine had his account compromised and the skimmers stole money in three transactions.

1. 16.50 euro
2. 16.50 euro
3. 160.00 euro

It is easy for skimmers

It is easy for skimmers to get information from Dutch people. The passes that get used in the Netherlands work with a magnetic strip. So it is easy to read them out or just copy the cards.

Always check the ATM machine where you want to withdrawal your money.

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