Iran Cyber Defence Builds Mail Servers Infrastructures for Local Emails

Head of Iran's Cyber Defense Headquarters announced that the country has built the necessary technical infrastructures for the Iranian people to use local email services.

"One of the most important problems in the cyber arena in Iran is that many individuals and even university professors are using email services like Gmail and Yahoo and have no local email," Rahimi said.

"Technical infrastructures have been built in the country and mail servers have been made at the cyber defense headquarters to manage Iranian emails," he added.

The Iranian official noted that the body also shoulders the responsibility to promote culture and education.

In February, Iran's Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam had reiterated that Iran has developed its cyber army not for offensive goals but for defensive purposes and to stop enemy cyber attacks against the country's sensitive installations.

Ahmadi Moqaddam made the remarks in a closing meeting of the First National Cyber Forum in Tehran at the time, stressing that Iran's cyber defense is preemptive.

He insisted on establishing Iran's cyber army not for offensive, but for defensive purposes just to stop attacks by enemies.

Ahmadi Moqaddam said Iran must avoid thinking of merely defensive position, because it provides the enemy with chance to attack Iran due to negligence towards offensive capability.


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