Must read: Massive destruction on Turkish government websites by Lulzsec in #opTurkey

Hükümet web sitesi offline, that is what the Turkish government officials will be telling their technical staff. The Lulzsec hackers have targeted 15 official Turkish government websites and they have succeeded in bringing them down a.k.a #TangoDown. 

Lulzsec hackers target @LeagueofLegends & Leak Texas GOV files

The globally played game League of Legends has to face a new threat, Lulzsec has set their target

Cryptome publishes full SMS history of Anonymous hacker "Topiary"

Cryptome has published an PDF file that includes a chat history taken in 2012 of the Anonymous &q

Anonymous LulzSec’s Raynaldo Rivera Admits Hacking Sony Pictures

20-year-old Raynaldo Rivera – known on the hacking scene as LulzSec’s “neuron&r

Banco Industrial of Venezuela hacked by #LulzSec 2012

Lulzsec has attacked the Bankco Industrial of Venezuela and has leaked it's databas

Notes on Sabu arrest

This post is just to jot down interest bits of info on the Sabu arrest.

Doxed: how Sabu was outed by former Anons long before his arrest

Lulzsec Sabu's last tweet: Conclusion of Rosa Luxemburg's final polemic

Sabu's last tweet, published the day before the FBI sweep, is an adaptation of the conclusion of

Six Hackers in the United States and Abroad Charged for Crimes Affecting Over One Million Victims

Five computer hackers in the United States and abroad were charged today, and a sixth pled guilty

Lulzsec: Sabu his 14+ charges and court pdf file

Lulzsec has been rolled up.