Anonymous Philadelphia: #OpPRA - Philadelphia redevelopment authority

Recently it has come to the attention of Anonymous that Ori Feibush, a business developer, in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Point Breeze, is facing legal action after voluntarily cleaning

up more than forty tons of trash from a vacant lot neighboring his local business. Mr. Feibush
spent more than twenty thousand dollars of his own money to not only remove the trash but also to
level the soil, add cherry trees, fencing and park benches, and repave the sidewalk.
As a result of this man's benevolent contribution, the city agencies demanding that Mr. Feibush
return the vacant lot to its previous condition have said they are considering legal action 
against him. City officials are currently calling him a "trespasser."
Ori Feibush tried to purchase the lot and even visited the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority
to present his plan. But the city told him to stop, warning he was "endangering the public."
If the city did the same project it would have cost about 1.5 million USD. Failure to act may 
also have been a deliberate attempt to drive down property value, then develop it for a profit.
Anonymous can only presume that a few government officials and contractors are butthurt because 
they aren't getting their kickbacks this year, due to this benevolent "trespasser."
Not only has the city lost all reason and common sense by believing it is possible to put trash 
back in the lot, they are also a disgrace and a blight on the community for whom they should be 
This incompetence and abuse of power clearly shows that We The People need to take action and 
pay the "City of Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority" and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson a visit. 
Anonymous demands that the city of Philadelphia immediately retract all claims of wrongdoing by
Mr. Feibush and that they seek to arrange amicable compensation for his expenses incurred while 
doing the government of Philadelphia's job.
As for the citizens of Philadelphia and the world it saddens Anonymous greatly when brothers and
sisters of Anonymous come across so much corruption within our world. Not every battle can be won
by the stroke of a few keys. The success of our freedoms our liberties require every man, woman,
child to stand in unity against tyranny and corruption. Many Anonymous fight because we hope that
our sacrifice will one day wake up the people of the world. Our children and their children's
children can and should have the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness 
that are their just heritage. 
We fight so that children can set up a lemonade stands without the fear of being shut down and 
raided by the police. We fight so that a mom can buy raw milk and whole foods for her family 
without the fear of being arrested by law enforcement on behalf of the FDA. We fight so that a 
man can collect rain-water on his own property and not fear being thrown in jail or fined. 
People of the United States of America and of the world, wake up and realize that your freedoms
are being taken away more each and every day. Your bill of rights are being torn to shreds right
before your eyes; yet many of you are unaware. Public schools do not teach the constitution and
bill of rights anymore; the very documents that was created by our founding fathers to release us
from the tyranny that they once lived through. 
We are Anonymous. 
We are Legion. 
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.
★ Communication #2: Message to the City of Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) ★
Greetings to the City of Philadelphia, the PRA and Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. We are
Anonymous. Recently, a member of the 99% by the name of Ori Feibush spent $20,000 to
clean up city property next to his coffee shop because you failed to do so despite every
attempt on his part to remedy the situation. He removed 40 TONS of trash from your lot,
and even repaved the sidewalk. Instead of thanking the man, you harass and threaten
to sue. He visited the local offices of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority four
times, sent in seven written requests, and made 24 phone calls to the agency requesting
that the city take action... to no avail. City officials now call him a "trespasser."
For seeking to take unwarranted punitive action against this small business owner, a member of the 99%, you have gathered the attention of Anonymous. This is not something you wish to do. We demand you immediately retract all claims of wrong doing by Mr Feibush 
and that you seek to arrange amicable compensation for his expenses incurred while doing  YOUR job. Failure to do so is a terribly foolish move, and will not go unpunished. You have been warned.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.
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